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Craft a Branded Booking

branded booking page for Meeting Scheduling Tool
  • Your booking page showcases your profile, topics, and availability, providing a pleasant experience to your clients with the best meeting scheduler.
  • Clients get to know you and your brand before scheduling a meeting, at a mutually convenient time using Meeting Scheduling Tool.
  • Both you and your client receive meeting links and details via email upon booking.
  • Clients don't need to download or create an account, ensuring a seamless experience.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving

Seamless Branded Video

integrated video meeting for professionals
  • Experience the ease of conducting meetings without the hassle of switching between platforms.
  • With a single click, dive into HD, also fully encrypted video meetings with our Virtual Meeting Software at your scheduled time—no downloads necessary.
  • Your brand takes center stage with our integrated meeting, also fostering professionalism with every meeting.
Seamless Experience
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

AI Meeting Assistant for Summaries & Other Insights

  • Get your AI meeting summaries, insights, and whole meeting transcripts to your dashboard right after the meeting.
  • No integration required with other platforms; everything you require is here on our platform.
  • Share with clients the your AI meeting notes and action items that can all go together to enrich the experience of the meeting.
  • Leverage the AI generated metrics for following ups, furthermore negotiation post meeting.
Enhanced Client Engagement
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective
AI Meeting summary for professionals

Seamless Integrations With Your Favourite Tools

  • Manage all your appointments from a single platform by integrating your calendars.
  • Avoid no-shows with our meeting reminder software by sending timely reminders for you and your clients using our video conferencing solutions.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving
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Direct Payment Acceptance - Without Commission

  • Retain all your earnings without any commission deductions.
  • Choose your preferred payment method with ease using Meeting Scheduling Tool.
  • Avoid chasing clients for payments, and focus on your priorities.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving

Secure and Protected - Our Top Priority

  • Enjoy end-to-end encryption for all your video meetings.
  • Your data is safeguarded with GDPR, HIPPA, and BAA agreements signed with Open AI.
  • No need to provide sensitive information while creating your account using our Meeting Scheduling Tool.
  • Your clients can book meetings without submitting any sensitive data with Meeting Time Planner.
  • With these security measures in place, MyMeet.io ensures the safest and most secure meeting platform for all your needs.
Secure and Protected for meeting scheduling tool

Virtual Connecting Made Simple
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What Users Love About MyMeet.io

MyMeet.io has made my life so much easier. Scheduling appointments and also handling payments is now a breeze.

professional person
Asher A. Health Coach

Scheduling and managing appointments are so easy now, and the added professionalism with branding is fantastic.

Professional person who uses video meeting tool
Bennett H. Nutritionist

The automated scheduling and reminders cut down my admin work, and furthermore the AI summaries save me so much time after meetings.

Professional person for video meeting
Aurora B. Financial Advisor

I was worried about online meeting security, but MyMeet.io's encryption and no-download setup are perfect. Now I feel safe and it's easy to use.

Professional person
Blair B. IT Consultant

Thanks to MyMeet.io, my consultancy looks more professional. The branding features and AI summaries really impress my clients.

Professional person men
Celeste J. Legal Advisor

My clients love the easy booking process with MyMeet.io. The file sharing during meetings and the post-meeting summaries are so helpful.

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Delilah B. Corporate Trainer

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MyMeet.io is an AI-Powered branded SaaS platform for professionals to interact with their clients. It takes care of scheduling the meeting, collecting the payments, if any, hosting the meetings, and getting the AI-generated meeting summary with other insights using Meeting Scheduling Tool!

Sure thing! MyMeet allows you to personalize your booking page using your brand logo, colors, profile picture, and bio, thereby increasing brand visibility before potential customers are already in your portfolio.

All you have to do is mention your charges while adding the service displayed on your booking page. Furthermore your clients can conveniently pay you directly through the specified payment methods at the time of scheduling the meeting with you.

Setting up your schedule is quick with MyMeet.io! Just enter your availability, incorporate holidays, and also synchronize the calendar using Meeting Scheduling Tool. We will take care of the rest!

All the meetings are end-to-end encrypted with MyMeet.io's Meeting Scheduling Tool. Also, we ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, SOC 2, signing the BAA, and DPA for with vendors.