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MyMeet.io streamlines your consultations, from scheduling to AI-powered summaries, that keep clients coming back more easily.

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Get AI meeting summaries
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From Start to Finish, Stay on MyMeet.io The Ultimate Meeting Companion

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Impress them even before first reading

  • Stand out with your personalized booking presence by just sharing the link with our Appointment Booking Software for Astrologers!
  • Showcase your various services, charges for them and also your availability.
  • Let them know you and book your time slots that works for both.
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Forget the fear of 40 minutes!

  • Join the scheduled meeting with single click via our online scheduling software for Tarot Readers.
  • Give your client the flexibility to join from any device without creating an account, downloading anything.
  • Share documents through in-built chat, file sharing, and white board, etc. during the meeting.
Seamless Experience
Brand Promotion
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Wow clients with your undivided attention

  • With AI meeting summaries, effortlessly capture every key point, action item, and insightful meeting metrics without lifting a finger or disturbing focus.
  • Leverage the AI generated metrics for following ups, and preparing for the upcoming consultancy using Appointment Booking Software for Astrologers.
  • Check the full transcript at later stage to identify other requirement you can also assist with in future.
Enhanced Client Engagement
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What Astrologers Love About Us?

MyMeet.io has simplified my client appointments and payments. Scheduling is seamless, and my clients also appreciate the easy booking process.

Vedic Astrologer
Rajesh K. Vedic Astrologer

MyMeet.io makes my virtual astrology sessions feel personal and engaging. Furthermore the real-time chat and file-sharing features are fantastic!

Tarot Card Reader
Sandeep M. Tarot Card Reader

With MyMeet.io, clients can join sessions with just one click, no downloads or accounts needed. It’s incredibly convenient for everyone.

Vikram R. Numerologist

Automatic reminders and AI-generated meeting summaries save me so much time. MyMeet.io has made my practice more efficient.

Professional astrologers
Priya S. Palmistry Expert

MyMeet.io’s branding options make my astrology sessions look very professional. Clients appreciate the seamless, also branded experience.

Astrologer person mymeet.io
Anjali T. Horoscope Consultant

End-to-end encrypted meetings ensure my clients' confidentiality. MyMeet.io has built trust and reliability into my practice.

astrologer professional
Neha P. Jyotish


MyMeet.io is online appointment scheduling for astrologers designed to support in delivering exceptional service to their clients. Our platform provides everything you need to manage your practice, connect with clients, and deliver personalized coaching and mentoring sessions.

MyMeet.io can help you create a profile, list various services, and share booking links with your global clients using Appointment Booking Software for Astrologers. The platform makes online astrological consultations easy. 

You can easily share various resources such as natal charts, transit reports, and educational materials during the meetings through an in-built file-sharing option.

At our best virtual meeting platforms for astrologers, all video sessions are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that your conversations remain private and secure.

Just add your charges while adding your services. The clients will pay you at the time of scheduling the appointment. 

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