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Manage appointments, collect payments, conduct HD virtual sessions, and insights with AI summary, all while enhancing your professional brand with MyMeet.io.

Scheduling Software For Consultants using virtual meeting
Schedule a meeting
Scheduling Software For Consultants to avoid checking schedule manually
Host a meeting
virtual Meeting with clients
Get AI meeting summaries
Checking AI meeting summary
Schedule a meeting
Scheduling Software For Consultants to avoid checking schedule manually
Host a meeting
virtual Meeting with clients
Get AI meeting summaries
Checking AI meeting summary

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Scheduling Software using Branded booking page

Make Every Consultation Count

  • Leave a lasting impression with your personalized booking page by just sharing the link!
  • Impress your client with our scheduling software for consultants and set the tone for successful long-term relationships.
  • Let them know you and book your time slots that works for both.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving
integrated video meeting

Goodbye to Complexity

  • Join the scheduled meeting via our appointment scheduling for consultants tool with single click.
  • Give your client the flexibility to join from any device without creating an account, nor downloading anything.
  • Providing easy access to In-built chat, file sharing, recording, and White board, etc.
Seamless Experience
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

Impress clients with your undivided attention

  • With AI meeting summaries, effortlessly capture every key point, action item, and insightful meeting metrics without lifting a finger or disturbing focus.
  • Leverage the AI generated metrics for following ups, negotiation post meeting and agenda for next meeting.
  • Check the full transcript at later stage to identify other requirement you can assist with in future using our Scheduling Software For Consultants.
Enhanced Client Engagement
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

AI Meeting Assistant

AI meeting assistant
Direct Payment acceptance
Seamless integration with your favorite tool

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Why Consultants Love MyMeet.io?

Finally MyMeet.io has transformed how I manage my consultations. Scheduling and payments are now seamless, making my work much more efficient.

Business consultant
Finn L. Business Consultant

Finally MyMeet.io makes organizing client sessions a breeze with integrated video meetings and direct payment options, saving me time.

Career Consultant professional
Grayson S. Career Consultant

Managing my appointments has never been easier. Clients appreciate the hassle-free booking, and I love how everything is in one place.

Health Consultant
Harrison B. Health Consultant

MyMeet.io has revolutionized my practice. Furthermore, the secure, integrated video meetings make it feel like an in-person session.

Consultant professional
Delilah J. IT Consultant

MyMeet.io's seamless experience with easy booking and real-time chat has boosted client satisfaction as well as trust.

Consultant professional
Eloise L. Marketing Consultant

MyMeet.io has improved how I handle client meetings. The easy scheduling and secure payment system have made my services more efficient.

Consultant professional person
Fiona B. Financial Consultant


MyMeet.io is an AI-powered virtual meeting software that takes care of scheduling, meetings, AI summaries. The branding feature enhances their professional image even before the meeting has been scheduled.

Yes, consultants can set meeting duration on MyMeet.io that ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours per meeting. For instant meetings, the default duration is set to 60 minutes! There are no restrictions of having several meetings.

MyMeet.io provides a Scheduling Software For Consultants where clients can schedule a meeting with Consultants by clicking the link shared with them. Since it also takes care of various time zones, further connecting with international clients is easy for Consultants.

Consultants can easily charge their clients by mentioning their rates for each service (topic). Clients can view services, make payments, and also schedule meetings with Client Scheduling Software.

MyMeet.io's AI generates meeting summaries, freeing you from note-taking and allowing you to focus on your client's conversation. This can also be viewed from the Booking section of the platform and will be available to you forever.

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