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Spend more time discussing nutritious dishes with your client, and less time juggling multiple platforms to deliver your services with MyMeet.io.

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Get AI meeting summaries
Checking AI meeting summary

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From Start to Finish, Stay on MyMeet.io The Ultimate Meeting Companion

Scheduling Software using Branded booking page

Make every initial consultation count

  • Stand out with your personalized booking presence by just sharing the link!
  • Impress your clients before even meeting with our appointment scheduling software for Nutritionists.
  • Let them know your experience and book your time slots that works for both.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving
integrated video meeting

Consultations without constraints!

  • Join the scheduled meeting with single click via our appointment scheduling system for nutritionists.
  • Give your client the flexibility to join from any device without creating an account, downloading anything.
  • Providing nutritionists with software that offers easy access to in-built chat, file sharing, recording, and a whiteboard, etc.
Seamless Experience
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

Stay present, let AI handle the details

  • With AI meeting summaries, never miss a dietary detail of your client using our Appointment Scheduling Software for Nutritionists.
  • Leverage the AI generated metrics and insights to craft tailored nutrition plan.
  • Check the full transcript at later stage to identify other requirement you can assist with in future
Enhanced Client Engagement
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

AI Meeting Assistant

AI meeting assistant
Direct Payment acceptance
Seamless integration with your favorite tool

Secure and Protected -
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Scheduling Software s is secure and protected
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What Nutritionists Love Us?

Finally the scheduling system is intuitive and seamless, allowing clients to book appointments effortlessly.

Nutritionist professional
Megan L. Nutrition Consultant

With MyMeet.io, managing my client appointments has never been easier. The AI-powered meeting summaries are a fantastic feature that saves time.

Nutritionist professional who uses mymeet.io
Jason P. Registered Dietitian

MyMeet.io has greatly improved client interactions with integrated video meeting features, making virtual consultations as effective as in-person ones.

Nutritionist professional
Emily S. Health Coach

MyMeet.io's end-to-end encryption ensures security, giving us peace of mind. Clients love the hassle-free experience of joining meetings.

Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Laur M. Clinical Nutritionist

Finally MyMeet.io's professional branding options elevated my service. Time-saving features like automatic reminders are invaluable.

Nutrition Consultant
Mark R. Nutrition Consultant

MyMeet.io makes collecting client feedback easy with auto-redirection after meetings, also ensuring valuable insights.

Wellness and Nutrition Expert
Rachel W. Wellness and Nutrition Expert


MyMeet.io is an AI-powered meeting software that takes care of scheduling, meetings, AI summaries. The branding feature also enhances their professional image even before the meeting has been scheduled.

MyMeet.io offers various plans. It also provides 14-day free trials which come with access to all the premium features. 

Clients visit your personalized booking page, select a service, make payment, if any, choose a date and time, and confirm the appointment. They will receive an email confirmation with the meeting details via our Appointment Scheduling Software for Nutritionists.

Yes, you can share the plans and resources with the clients during ongoing meetings through in-built file sharing, chat, and screen sharing. In addition, you can also use the whiteboard for better collaboration.

All video consultations are end-to-end encrypted with our video meeting tool for Nutritionists, ensuring that your conversations remain private and secure. 

Yes, you can customize your profile with your logo and brand colors to provide a professional and cohesive experience for your clients. It’s simple and quick. 

After each consultation, our AI summary automatically gets generated with a comprehensive summary for nutritionists covering the overview, key discussion points, action items, and other insights. This time-saving feature also ensures you don't miss anything important and makes recapping sessions a breeze. You can also refer to the previous discussion if the same clients book you in the future.

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