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From seamless scheduling to AI-powered performance analysis – MyMeet.io speeds up your recruitment pipeline and makes it effective. 

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Scheduling Software For Consultants to avoid checking schedule manually
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Scheduling Software For Consultants to avoid checking schedule manually
Host an interview
virtual Meeting with clients
Get AI meeting summaries
Checking AI meeting summary

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Scheduling Software using Branded booking page

Impress candidates without saying a word!

  • Stand out with your personalized booking page by just sharing the link with our Best Recruiting Scheduling Software!
  • The Company's branded page contains all the information that is sufficient for candidate to know your company.
  • Let them know you and book your time slots that works for both. No multiple email chain is required as it is an automated interview scheduling platform.
Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Value Creation
Time Saving
integrated video meeting

Assess candidates without limits!

  • Join the scheduled meeting with single click using our Appointment Scheduling Apps For Interviews And Recruiting.
  • Give your candidates the flexibility to join from any device without creating an account, downloading anything.
  • Providing easy access to In-built chat, file sharing, recording, and white board, etc.
Seamless Experience
Brand Promotion
Cost Effective

Take effective decision with AI summaries

  • With AI summaries, effortlessly capture every key point, action item, and insightful meeting metrics without lifting a finger or disturbing focus.
  • Leverage the AI generated metrics for following ups, negotiation and asessing the candidates post interviews.
  • Check the full transcript at later stage in case of misunderstanding with the candidates using our Best Recruiting Scheduling Software.
Enhanced Client Engagement
Brand Promotion
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AI Meeting Assistant

AI meeting assistant
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What Recruiters Love About Us?

MyMeet.io has revolutionized how I manage candidate interviews. Scheduling and communication are now also incredibly efficient.

Recruitment Consultant
David M. Recruitment Consultant

The real-time chat and file-sharing features during video interviews have significantly improved my recruitment workflow. MyMeet.io is also a game-changer!

Freelance Recruiter
Thomas A. Freelance Recruiter

MyMeet.io's integrated scheduling and reminder system ensure I never miss an interview. Finally the platform has streamlined my entire recruitment process.

Talent Consultant
John P. Talent Consultant

MyMeet.io's branding options make my interviews look polished and professional. Clients and candidates appreciate the seamless experience.

Recruiter who uses mymeet.io
Mary L. Recruitment Advisor

The easy booking process and one-click meeting access have improved the candidate experience tremendously. MyMeet.io makes my job easier!

Recruiter person as professional
Jennifer S Talent Acquisition Specialist

The end-to-end encryption ensures confidentiality during interviews, and the AI-generated summaries save me time. Highly recommend MyMeet.io!

recruiter professional
Susan K. Hiring Consultant


Candidates visit your personalized booking page, select an available slot, and confirm the appointment. They will receive an email confirmation with the interview details. This ensures a smooth scheduling experience without playing email tennis, thanks to best online meeting software For Recruiters. 

MyMeet.io provides features like real-time chat, file sharing, screen sharing, whiteboards, recording capabilities, and AI-generated summaries during online interviews. These features enable recruiters to effectively communicate and assess candidates' skills and qualifications with our Best Recruiting Scheduling Software.

Yes, MyMeet.io allows recruiters to customize their profiles with branding elements such as logos, colors, and profile pictures. The brand logo is prominently displayed throughout the online interview experience, providing a professional and branded environment for candidates.

MyMeet.io automatically adjusts for time zone ensuring no confusion for candidates to pick up right time. The platform communicates the respective time as per their time zones to both parties.

All video interviews are end-to-end encrypted with MyMeet.io, ensuring that your conversations also remain private and secure.

With our auto redirect features, the candidates will be redirected to a feedback form that you have created. This ensures a professional way of gathering feedback that will only be visible to you. 

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